When you think weird and wonderful, the first thing that should come to mind is accessories. There is a plethora of different accessories styles, so much so that there is no way to categorise them other than to name them weird and wonderful. Accessories this season are all about being different. The weirder the better and fluffy, shiny, all out  and OTT is on trend. Anything goes, that means accessories can either complement the outfit or be completely different from the rest of your outfit. So here is your accessories weird and wonderful retail therapy inspiration.


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HEAD GEAR: Baseball caps, Bandanna’s and Fedoras are at the top of the must have list for this seasons hat season, that is, summer in OZ. Here are our favourite unbridled love for accessories that sit on your head. P.S. Miranda Kerr is our favourite Mad Hatter.

dba36dd49a372b67cff16cbcf5b057fa milan-fall-winter-2012-fashion-week-clutch-street-style crazy-clutches4 img_399421  la modella mafia pony hair clutch street 11-Buy-Street-Style-Bags-Rihanna-Gun-GINNA-Pistol-Embossed-Clutch-PurSe-Bag lollapalooza_streetstyle4 tendencias_street_style_moda_en_la_calle_clutches_accesorios_bolsos_925306973_900x600

BAGS: Bedazzlers and cutouts, felt and bags with sayings, these are our favourite, out-side-the-box bag trends. Are you daring enough to sport some of these clutches!

all-white-new-york-fashion-week-spring-2014-street-style-18 a_4x2 ced242d058754b0543892207c78cd715  paris-fashion-week-ss2014-street-style-2Elle+Ferguson+MBFWA+Street+Style+ubGxxT_Tovyl paris-spring-2014-streetstyle-2

JEWELLERY: Forget about the understated look, Jewellery fashion this season is all about the OTT’s. Layering, shine and busyness is everything that encompasses style trends this season.

Blog-6196608812_7867dc7f7e_o cc89428fdd09fabaffb70a0ec678ed17 hbz-street-style-pfw-092712-05-lgn JayStrut_BalmainBelt_LeatherPants_GivenchyTShirt mcx-mfwss14-day-2-Balmain-belt-lgn original

BELTS: Create a waist by adding a belt to your look. Hint: Its all about cold metals and shiny diamonds.


Proving them WRONG.


This post is all about the reasons why buying stuff won’t make you happy. Well this may seem a little contradictory to our philosophy here at Shop Happens, but hold your horses because we are going to discredit each and everyone of these points. So here are some of the most common disclaimers of retail therapy and below are our reasons why they are just plain stupid.

Five Reasons why stuff won’t make you happy.

They begin to fade. 

All possessions are temporary by nature and eventually they will spoil, fade and perish.

Well yes, possessions do begin to fade, we agree, but so does everything else. Nothing lasts forever, people die and love fades and chances are you will have some deep downs throughout the course of your life. In which you may need a small pick-me-up. Retail therapy will always be there for you.

Each purchase adds extra worry to our lives.

Every physical item we bring into our lives represents one more thing that can be broken, scratched, or stolen.

If we are going by this philosophy maybe we should consider the fact that like possessions people are stolen, scratched and broken. Your brand new Louie’s can be replaced when you loose them but a person is much harder to replace. They don’t sell clones of people at David Jones. Shoes on the other hand come by the thousands.

Our purchases cost us more than we realize.

Eventually all those things you bought to make you happy will add up and eventually you will realise that you should have spent them on something more than just clothes and shoes.

Luckily for us ebay was invented and we can go right ahead and sell the things we have bought (and don’t like any more) for some extra cash, we will probably use to buy more bags, shoes and clothes. (in order to make us feel better)

It won’t Last

The happiness you feel right now, won’t last very long and eventually you will feel worse for purchasing whatever you did.

Umm NO. Every time you buy something new the feeling lasts a while, it fades a little bit sure but there is always more to buy. It doesn’t need to be much, stationary sometimes makes me happy. Whenever you use or wear whatever you bought you will feel grateful for what you own. Psychologists say that women are more emotionally attached to their clothes. So every time you look at an old dress that you wore, on a date that you had a blast on… it will be harder to throw away. Essentially feelings of happiness do last for the things we have bought.

Experiences make us happier than possessions.

All research points to the fact there are far more effective way to find happiness.

But how do we become happy in those experiences. Have you ever gone to a party feeling like shit because you had nothing to wear and you don’t feel comfortable or attractive in whatever you are wearing. Yes, most people have and that’s because without the confidence that retail therapy most often provides, you cannot enjoy certain moments in your life.


This one is all about this seasons favourite shoes. There are many different stand out trends from the PFW 14 shows, for your retail therapy inspiration. These pieces are sure to make any outfit pop !

92eedfa0e64181eef200b283bbbdfe32 Open-Toe-Boots 044-elle-paris-fashion-week-ss13-accessories-44-dDthjg-xln boots-blog Chic-simplified-just-pair-seriously-cool-lace-peep-toe

The Peepers 

Peep toe shoes are the ultimate, high class fashion trend out there right now. These heels when chosen correctly can class up any and every outfit. For best results team with just about anything !

145dcb5f4ac768407e20f01e2766bf5f 209554_980 blog123 main.original statement-heels-yellow-snakeskin-lace-up-paris-fashion-week-street-style Le-Fashion-Blog-Two-Ways-Street-Style-Barbara-Martelo-Little-Black-Dress-Lace-Up-Heel-Sandals-Via-Elle-Street-Chic

Lace ups

Everyone has a pair of lace-ups. They almost exclusively come in black and leave lines on your legs for hours after you have taken them off, BUT it’s all worth it because they look great.

133536633511_extras_albumes_0 Chic-Street-Style-Looks-2014-2 cute-metallic-shoes IMG_7950 NYFW SS14 Street Style a45688b0624bce2f5ddd06585228baa1

Don’t Fear the Flats  

You can still look dressy, without sky high heels. Loafers and lace-up dress shoes are season favourites, especially in metallic colours. Simply team with a dress shirt or tailored ankle-grazing pants.

46876e17599f1629c06d93e777f275e3 Kim+Kardashian+Kim+Kardashian+Hangs+Out+Paris+0Dhmp-Xp_aVl STREET STYLE NAVY AND BLACK 1 street-style-ankle-strap-sandals (2)_thumb be12d981c42fcf61bb990b732593527a

Sweet Sandals 

Simple sandals are understated. This season they are must-haves in every wardrobe. Most commonly they are seen on the likes of kim Kardashian teamed with below-the-knee Hip-hugging skirts. They are an extremely flattering look on everyone especially if your legs are not stick thin.

ea756c1de9561b9856349978f4840621 detail2 mules-streetstyle ambitieuse-blog-pfw-streetstyle-aw14-35-céline-shoes

Heel Show (MULES)

The up-and-commer is the bare heel slip-ons. These shoes haven’t made their appearance since early 2000’s and late 1990’s. Who knew they would made their way back into the forefront of the fashion world.

Halloween Eye Candy

If there is one thing that helps you forget about your problems more than retail therapy, its Halloween. The chance to dress up and be someone other than yourself and leave all your problems behind for a night of fun. Dressing-up, just like retail therapy, is proven to boots ones sense of well-being. Here are some original Halloween costume ideas for your last minute Halloween retail therapy.


Mary Poppins

Yes you see a lot of sexy fire-women, police women, sleazy sailors and nurses on Halloween and at dress-up parties, but what you see little of are those ingenious costumes that no one else will have. This Mary Poppins look can be put together with what you have lying around in your closet. Lauren Conrad puts this outfit together perfectly and without making Mary Poppins look skanky.


Rosie the Riveter 

Possibly the easiest costume to put together. And if you love red lipstick this one is definitely for you. All you need is a denim shirt or jumpsuit, an up-do and a red bandanna. Christina knows how its done !


Mortitia Adams

Do you need an excuse to break out your Gothic make-up ? Its easy enough to re-create with a long black dress and wig. Nicole Richie does shows us how to do the perfect Mortitia Adams cool, and she has recruited her whole family.



Its every little girls dream to be a prima ballerina. Finally you can have the chance to live out your childhood dreams and your only chance to every wear white tights fashionably.  And if you go for the Black Swan look you can go all out on the dramatic make-up.

Miranda Kerr as a ringleader or something

The Ringleader 

Be the boss and if you are looking for a justifiably sexier outfit to wear on Halloween, this one is perfect for you. Just make sure you include the accessories, they make this outfit. It will be your only chance to wear a top hat and carry a whip in public.

That’s all for our Halloween retail therapy inspiration, we love these idea and hope you do too.

The Weird and Wonderful

For the last few seasons, fashion has been all about being different. Its been saying yes  I am weird but I don’t care and I love the way I look. So if you are looking for some retail therapy inspiration about how to spice up your wardrobe with some true STATEMENT pieces, you have come to the right place.

There is nothing in this world that says stare at me quite so much as slogan fashion. A few years back, in the early 2000’s we saw the rise of the “Juicy” sweatpants ( yea remember those *cringe*), But now street style blogs are being flooded with slogan clutches, totes and t-shirts and jumpers.



Last season we saw the rise of casual sports wear and with the recent WANG for H&M collection, this trend is only about to get even bigger. The mixing of genres between sports/casual wear and formal wear is inundated street style blogs all over the world and has basically gone viral. Now we can all incorporate a little bit of comfort into our street style.

84864774198546076_F3Muiyum_c 84864774198546078_zoN2GFP4_c chioma-nnadi-bulls (1) Miley-Cyrus-Chicago-Bulls-Jersey-Photos nike-and-leather

Transparent and reflective. Its always been thought of as a thing of the future, and now it is time to embrace the stereotypes of the future we saw in popular SCI-FI movies like Back To the Future. This is the ultimate I DON’T GIVE A F&*% Fashion trend with an influx of see-through bags popping up on the street.

10 Gianluca Senese paris fashion week gilda koral flora street styleoksana-on-street-style-paris-fashion-week-fall-2013-metallic-pleated-transparent-skirt-pink-sweater-black-boots   model-street-style-men-blazer-transparent-high-boots take_a_momentnyfw-fw2013-street-style-day5-7_135143180917

So here is your weird but interesting and on-trend retail therapy inspiration ! and Get Shopping..

5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Look EXPENSIVE

You may not have heaps of money to spend on expensive clothes, shoes, bags and whatnots, but frankly, you don’t have to. You can make your clothes look expensive with a few easy rules so don’t go thinking retail therapy is all about spending copious amounts of money on designer brands. So here are five ways you can make your clothes look more expensive; L


Drape or Cape 

Lesson One, buy a blazer. Lesson two, drape it over your shoulders to create that sophisticated, I’m to posh to put my hands through the sleeves look. Just kidding it doesn’t have to be a blazer, even a denim jacket will do, simply draping it over your shoulders oozes instant elegance.


Make sure to minimise 

Keep it basic and simple. And if you decide to keep it so simple that your top and pants are the same colour MAKE SURE they are the EXACT same colour and not a shade or two off (There is nothing worse than two different shades of black in one outfit). Embrace black and white and every shade of grey in between, because if anything screams tacky… its too much rainbow and sequins.


Statement Piece 

Invest in one expensive statement piece for your wardrobe. One example could be a CHANEL brooch to pin on your fluffy sweater from Target, or a silk scarf to tie around your neck, hair or bag. Its an instant attention grab and will make your $50 pay-less pumps look like Manolo Blahnik’s.


Let that platform show !

One sure-fire way of making your shoes look cheap is by investing in the wrong platform. Make sure when you buy  platform shoes, the platform is visible. And in some cases its an even better idea to skip the platform altogether and invest in some platform-less heels.


Ankle Grazers 

Crop your pants to just above your ankles to create a sweet and sophisticated look. This creates clean lines and avoids that extra ankle baggage that can often look un-kept.  No longer does this look say that you asked your grandma to crop your new pants.


Retail therapy does not need to be an irrational and irresponsible purchase. Sure, that gold fish might seem like a good idea at first but eventually you will realise that fish die, you have to remember to feed them everyday and they can’t cuddle you when you are feeling down again.  So stop buying dumb shit and invest in some staple pieces for you summer wardrobe. In this post we will explore the most recent in on-trend summer style.



If you went to school in OZ you’ve heard the saying “no hat no play no school today”. Well we aren’t quite done with that saying yet. The cap has made its comeback with the rise of the tailored
sport-wear trend. The cap creates the perfect celebrity off-duty look and protects your skin against the harsh Australian sun. If you are in need of some well-deserved retail therapy this purchase won’t cost you a buttload!

Photographer Nam


Get some colour in your wardrobe ! Colour pops are everywhere, whether its your blazing red hair or your bright blue clutch. Make sure you invest in a few colourful pieces this spring and summer. If you don’t trust us, just ask Taylor Tomasi Hill the street style Queen.



Make sure you crop your top this spring and summer. Everybody is sporting this summer trend and its perfect for everyone. If you have a little extra from your winter hibernation you can now banish that muffin top by teaming a high waisted skirt with a crop top !

Tune in for more summer trend alerts!